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Example Application Form


It is the policy of the Pine Bluff Police and Fire Departments that no eligible person shall be denied the right of employment or advancement within the Pine Bluff Police and Fire Departments, nor shall any person be denied admission or access to any of the Departments’ programs or activities offered to the public on the basis of religious affiliation, race, sex, age, national origin, color, handicap or disability, or veteran status. The Pine Bluff Police and Fire Departments will attempt to refrain from contracting or associating with firms which openly and knowingly practice any form of discrimination in their employment practices. The Pine Bluff Police and Fire Departments recognize the right of all citizens to take part in and to be provided equal opportunities in all public activities carried on by the Pine Bluff Police and Fire Departments. The Pine Bluff Police and Fire Departments will work toward the following goals and objectives as it relates to the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: (A) To insure an environment that will provide an equal opportunity for public employment to all eligible segments of society; and, (B) To increase the employment of female and minority citizens within the police and fire departments consistent with state and federal law.


  • Citizen of the United States
  • At least 18 years of age and under 35 years of age. (Chapter 4, Section 1 Pine Bluff Uniformed Rules & Regulations)
  • Felony convictions are disqualifying
  • Must pass a written examination
  • Possess a Valid Driver’s License
  • Must pass a physical agility test, successfully complete medical and related examinations and evaluations 
  • Must be of good moral character. A comprehensive background investigation will be conducted.
  • Must have acceptable vision (visual acuity must not exceed 20/100 in either eye) correctable to 20/20 or better in each eye.
  • Persons hired by the Pine Bluff Fire Department must live in the State of Arkansas. Former residency requirements have been removed.
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Must wear uniform. Work schedule will be shift work (24 on / 48 off), holidays & weekends.


  1. Having a conviction for, being under indictment for, or currently charged with any felony offense.
  2. Having a conviction for or currently charged with any misdemeanor offense involving moral baseness/character.
  3. Having a conviction for a class A misdemeanor offense.
  4. Having a conviction for driving under the influence (DWI & DUI) within five (5) years preceding the date of application, or more than one conviction at any time.
  5. Currently being on probation for any felony offense, or any offense involving moral character.
  6. (a) Illegal use of any controlled substance. (b) Within five (5) years preceding the date of application, having illegally used marijuana.
  7. Having an excessive record of traffic convictions or negligent traffic collisions.
  8. Not being of good moral character; or being known to habitually associate with those of questionable moral character.
  9. Having been discharged from military service with a dishonorable discharge; or a general discharge indicating: (a) bad conduct; or (b) any other characterization indicating bad character.
  10. Being a member of any organization which advocates the overthrow of any government by force or violence.
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