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Quint Co. #5

May contain: fire truck, transportation, truck, vehicle, and person
2008 Pierce

{Pump} 1500 GPM {Tank} 500 GAL {Ladder} 75FT {Seats} 6 Quint 5 runs out of Station #5 on the cities Westside. Quint 5 is staffed by 1 driver and 1 firefighter. Qunit 5 is a Engine/Ladder/Rescue, and can respond to all emergencies in their district. Equipment: {HOSE} 1200 FT 4inch supply line 400 FT 2 1/2inch attack line 2-150 FT 1 3/4inch attack lines 300 FT rolled 1 3/4inch line Highrise Pack Medic Bag, AED, O2 Bag, Backboard, Splints, 6 Scott 4500psi AirPacks, 4 Scott Bottles, Scott TIC, K-12, Saw, Rappeling Equipment, Hurst Combi Tool, Hurst Power Unit, Generator, Lights, Foam, Ladders, PPV, Water Cans, Misc Hand Tools and Small Equipment